1st Black

    1. Right parry to monkey-grip, right foot steps back with fade to 5:00, left rising punch to break arm, crush attacker's right leg with left deep kneeling stance
    2. Left rib strike with right palm-heal strike to jaw and crush leg with right deep kneeling stance
    3. Claw through face to double strike to spine and kidney with leg crush and left deep kneeling stance
    4. Left claw to the face, pulling head backward and left knee to back of head, left cross behind with right hook punch and unwind with right roundhouse to center of mass
    1. Right downward parry left double factor clear bracelet to the wrist left punch to the face as you step back to right neutral bow. Right palm-heal strike to the jaw
    2. Left cross behind leg sweep to the attacker's left leg hammer-fist to the groin. Right rising sweep to the jaw
    3. Left knee to the groin with left solar plexus check. Left foot lands backward with right hammer-fist to clavicle
    4. Pivot counterclockwise and leave with right rear kick to center of mass
    1. Step back right with double back of hand groin strike (reverse goose). Double back of head strike driving attacker's heads together as you step forward with the right - Inward elbow first tweak can also be used to break grip
    2. Left knee to the faces of attackers to separate their heads. Double hammer-fist to groin while left leg plants back
    3. Left or right roundhouse to whoever moves first, opposite kick to whoever moves second
    1. Flashing mace arm break to the front attacker and let hammer-fist hit man to rear. Complete more of flashing mace to front attacker, until rear attacker moves in
    2. Five-swords to rear attacker, starting with right kick to right leg of attacker. Finish with right palm-heal scrape to the face of the rear attacker into a counterclockwise rotating twist and palm-heal strike to face of front attacker and left palm-heal strike to rear attacker's groin
    3. Right kick to front attacker center of mass, left rear kick to rear attacker, left shin kick to front attacker with left front cross out
    1. Brushing the storm start up to lift leg portion. Right front cross into right twist stance with leg break over knee
    2. left-hand clear leg as you unwind counterclockwise from twist stance. Right whipping palm-heal strike to groin with right scoop kick to groin, pivot clockwise and plant leg back to widen attacker's right leg stance
    3. Left front cross, left goose strike to groin, pivot clockwise with left groin strike and deep heal scoop kick
    4. Sweep the attacker's right leg as you cross out
    1. counterclockwise pivot to get out of the way of the stab, right hammer-fist to wrist above knife. Monkey-grip the attacker's hand. Shuffle in with left-hand palm-heal strike to ribs. left-hand strikes upward behind elbow to create a front arm bar
    2. Slide down the arm while planting right leg back to W-lock on back of hand. Left kick to ribs. Right kick to ribs while you gain control of the knife. Plant right foot forward with a diagonal butt-strike to the face from right to left
    3. Butt-strike face diagonally downward from left to right. Butt-strike face up and to the left a second time. Stab knife into back of arm. Filet the muscle from the arm while doing a back to front switch. Hook the arm with the knife while doing a left upward arm break, pushing left hip forward
    4. Left sweep of the attacker's right leg with left-hand check down to arm right arm. Right stab in the back, rotate around and stab them in the heart. Left front cross out with throat slice on departure
    1. Super small step counterclockwise, back of left-hand to gun, right-hand on slide. Left palm-heal strike to face, and then move back so that hands are covering the top and bottom hand holding the gun. Rotate the entire body clockwise, and disarm the attacker
    2. Right kick to groin, plant forward, butt of gun passes through the attacker's jaw and finishes high and to the right
    3. Gun strike diagonally downward to the left, back through the attacker to the right as the right leg goes back
    4. Reset the gun, clip and stance. Zipper the target as necessary
    1. Right downward block with left press check of arm to body, while moving to left cat stance. Right rising back-fist to head, then dragons-fist to bicep landing left front sweep kick to attacker's right leg, then sidekick to left leg with right strike to jaw to right and right palm-heal strike to left
    2. Right sweep of the attacker's left leg, with a counterclockwise pivot to left cat. Sweep the attacker's leg with left hammer-fist to groin, clockwise twist to right bracing strike to attacker's right clavicle
    3. Right knee, left knee landing in left front cross over, with left downward driving palm-heal to jaw
    1. Right inward block, left parry, right outward block, left straight face punch, right palm-heal strike to jaw
    2. Left front cross with left palm-heal strike to face, right hammer-fist to ribs
    3. Right fist diagonal burns through ribs, with right knee to right thigh, land with right head-sandwich
    4. Right palm-heal strike to groin with right leg sweep. Cross out, re-assess, rear kick as needed
    1. Step back right, with elbows to face, followed by palm-heal strike to face. Wrap around arms, step forward with right, punching both fists upward, followed by immediate dual hammer-fist rib strike
    2. palm-heal strike to both heads driving them down into left rising knee strike, planting left foot backwards
    3. Hammer-fist to groin as you step back right. Right front kick to left attacker, left roundhouse to right attacker
    1. Simultaneously drop low, step left, slip head left, hammer-fist to groin, right kick to front attacker. Plant right leg back into left forward bow, with rising back-fist to attacker's face
    2. Left over right pin attacker's head and compress to your body. Right crescent knee to face landing with right scraping hoof to front attacker if available. Left slicing kick to turn front attacker counterclockwise
    3. Right cross behind to crush the ankle with left back-fist to front attacker
    4. Right front kick to rear attacker, landing forward. Left rear kick to front attacker, left cross out sweep kick
    1. Right parry the weapon with right arm available in a kind of universal block, right elbow to ribs, pivot left elbow to ribs with right palm-heal strike to face
    2. Pull head back (with right-hand) and right sidekick attacker's right leg - land kick with left-hand as a shoulder brace toward the middle/right side of attacker
    3. Right strike to groin, right strike to face. Swap hands with neck tweak and then tweak neck again with shoulder shove to get attacker to step forward with their right foot
    4. Left circling strike to groin and left thrust sweep to right leg. left-hand reaches up to the chin, right-hand braces small of back as you plant into right neutral bow. Drag up (feet together). Right knee to the back of the head, land kick in a right neutral bow with right rising forearm to the back of the head
    5. left-hand grabs right shoulder, right back-knuckle to the kidney, right back kick to attacker's right leg
    6. Right looping downward punch
    1. Left rotating twist stance, with left parry and right dead-hand/hammer-fist strike to arm. Step in right with right palm-heal strike to jaw (driving face away). Pull head into left two-finger eye-poke, finishing with a right back-fist to ribs
    2. Right elbow to chest, left cross behind, right back-knuckle to jaw, left palm-heal strike to jaw. Right hammer-fist to jaw, hammering through the knife arm if still active while doing a right front cross out
    1. Right obscure elbow to gun while moving to right twist stance. Step forward with left foot, right-hand grabs wrist with left upward strike to hyper-extend the elbow followed by an immediate hammer-fist to ribs as you step forward with the right foot pulling gun to right hip. Reposition hands and disarm the attacker with the right-hand
    2. Strike the side of the face with the side of the gun, then hammer barrel of the gun into the heart. Side of the gun into the face again, with a leaping crane move to the rear of the attacker while the barrel of the gun hits the back of the right shoulder (to turn the attacker). Sidekick to back of knee to drop attacker to the ground. Land forward
    3. Butt of gun into spine, traveling upward to strike the base of the skull, with gun moving to the left and then strike to the right and then strike to the left once again
    1. Left rotating twist stance off the line of attack with left waiter tray parry. Step through right with ascending back-knuckle to the right mastoid process. Left driving elbow to ribs. Right hammer-fist to right kidney
    2. Grab attacker's right-hand bringing arm to back of body and pivot counterclockwise to right neutral bow. Motorcycle rev wrist, yank chicken wing with left strike to spine stepping back to left neutral bow
    3. Right stomp kick to attacker's right leg, landing in right rotating twist with left palm-heal strike to face and right punch to base of skull
    4. Right foot steps back, then left foot steps back as you corkscrew attacker clockwise into right two finger eye-poke
    1. Right downward block, left chop to wrist. Wrap up the hands while you pivot 180° (hyper-extending the attacker's arm across your body) with elbow to the back/head. Unwind 180°, switch hands on knife with left chop to throat
    2. Drive attacker to ground with attacker's arm being broken on your left leg. Grab the attacker's wrist/knife and sweep the knife across the attacker's throat from right to left and then back from left to right
    3. Pivot clockwise with knee tight behind attacker's elbow. Left kick to face and disarm the attacker
    1. Right parry the punch with right slicing kick to left leg of attacker and right kick to ribs. counterclockwise sweep of the left leg while left arm comes around the arm and controls left arm of attacker to the shoulder
    2. Right hammer-fist to center of mass. Right kick to knee, face and back to knee. Front cross out
    1. Left rotating twist stance, with right finger poke to eye, right kick to groin. Land with right-hand near the right elbow and flap the jaw with the right elbow. Grab the gun and strike the attacker behind the head stepping back right, pulling attacker's head along and moving attacker's arm to an upward position (like defying the storm)
    2. Right knee to center of mass, with barrel strike to kidney, drag gun across the spine and head, right sidekick to attacker's left leg, gun strike to head from right to left, sweep kick to right leg with gun to face from left to right
    3. Unwind with left heel kick and left palm heel strike to face/ribs/whatever
    1. Left parry punch, left slicing kick to the attacker's right leg. Plant and rotate clockwise with right sweep of attacker's right leg. Left kick to attacker's left leg, while left braces/punches jaw to the ground
    2. Left arm pulls back while right punch to jaw moves in. left-hand shoulder brace with right grab jaw/face and pull
    3. Pull attacker downward with a right rearward crescent kick
    1. Small step clockwise with right-hand to back of gun, left-hand on top of gun, pivot and step through with right leg behind attacker while twisting the attacker's arm behind them, pivoting counterclockwise to take them to the ground, landing like fallen falcon with their arm across your left knee
    2. Right kick through the ribs, landing with stomp to left clavicle. Pivot and drop left knee to neck and 4 finger eye-poke. Disarm gun, drag the gun butt across face and back. Left kick to face, stomp on wrist as you exit

1st Brown

    1. Double outward knuckle strike to inside of arms. Double dragons-fist to center of mass stepping in with right
    2. Double scissor back knuckle strike to temples. Double arm check down or check to center of mass
    3. Double eye-poke. Right over left deep shoulder grab. Left knee to groin right knee to groin. As the right leg plants backwards, pull left arm back and allow right arm to drag across neck/head as the attacker rotates clockwise. Double under chin grab as head is pulled backwards to c-compress spine
    4. Right knee to spine, left knee to kidney, left stomp to right knee pit of attacker
    1. Right reverse wide kneel to 2:00. Left rear kick to upper body. Pivot counterclockwise and check down arms
    2. Right rear ball kick to attacker's left leg/hip/rib. Left sweep kick to attacker's right leg. Right sidekick to attacker's left leg
    3. Right back fist to kidney with left punch to face. Right front cross out to assess and square with attacker
    4. Left rear cross over with punch/flash to head, right rear kick to any available target
    1. Right downward palm-heal strike moving to right cat
    2. Right groin kick with left downward palm-heal strike and right uppercut to cheekbone
    3. Left front cross over with right check down to arm and left vertical punch to center of mass
    4. Right knee to attacker's right leg, right punch to shoulder catching under jaw with forearm
    5. Right front cross over to square up with attacker. Left cross behind driving rear kick
    1. Right downward block and right step back. Double factor clear as right leg steps forward. Right palm-heal strike to jaw as head comes forward
    2. Left foot steps up the circle clockwise as right-hand pulls through the face in a figure 8 landing with a simultaneous right back-fist to spine and left punch to spine (right forward bow)
    3. left-hand anchors attacker's right shoulder downward with right uppercut punch to mandible
    4. Right palm-heal strike to jaw with retracting scrape as you left stomp kick the right knee pit landing in a left twist stance (about 3" from attacker's foot)
    5. Clockwise pivot with right back-fist to kidney, knee-to-knee sweep with punch to face/shoulder. Ball kick to face
    1. left-hand grabs attacker's hand with solar plexus hammer-fist
    2. right-hand pins other attacker, right foot steps forward, shell and pull forward, counterclockwise pivot as the left leg crosses behind with left chop to throat
    3. Unwind with kick to center of mass and right inward block. Right rear kick to second attacker
    4. Front cross out then clockwise pivot and step backwards one more time
    5. The first attacker reengages with a left right punch. Right parry left strike to elbow, 360 leg sweep or sidekick to attacker's leg
    1. Drop weight with right thrust kick, left palm-heal to elbow and simultaneous right palm-heal strike to wrist and immediate inward torquing elbows to rear attacker planting to 3:00 in horse stance
    2. Trap right arm of attacker as you move through left cat to left reverse, through neutral and elbow attacker's throat/face, press down chest as you right hammer-fist in left forward bow to groin as attacker flips over your leg
    3. Left cross behind with attacker's on left and right. Right rear kick right attacker followed by right ball kick to left attacker landing in right front twist stance. Unwind to survey
    4. Left slice kick to attacker's face landing in left front crossover. Right slice kick to right attacker that follows through to left attacker
    1. Right step back, right back of hand parry, left wrist chop. Right chop to head of bicep
    2. Right crane chop to triceps, left chop to throat as you move to right cat. Settle with right palm-heal to jaw
    3. Hook jaw and anchor for neck lock
    1. Step back right, right upward block behind elbow, left chop to ribs
    2. Switch hands with upper left, right half-heart strike to center of mass. right-hand tracks body to arm pit with elbow tweak which transitions to left hammer-fist to kidney
    3. Left upward block as you step through with the right leg and right palm-heal strike to face and press to the wall
    4. Left claw to to face as you transition to right rotating twist, press face into wall, left bracing elbow to center of mass. left-hand claw to the left and back to right. Attacker grabs for your arm, so your left-hand rotates counterclockwise under the wrist and ends with wrist grab
    5. Right ball kick to attacker's right knee as you right front crossover with arm-bar and step out left with palm-heal strike to face. Right front crossover with back-fist to face. Right forearm strike to attacker's arm to clear
    6. counterclockwise unwind with left back kick to attacker (any target)
    1. Fade to right as your right-hand contours your body starting with palm toward your face transitioning to a wrist grab. Left palm-heal strike to elbow or upward left punch past elbow joint for hyper-extension
    2. Left hammer-fist to ribs as you shuffle towards attacker and get left foot tight against inside of attacker's right foot. right-hand to hip
    3. Twitch left leg with left shoulder grab and drive attacker to ground
    4. Jump over attacker landing with heals on kidneys and toes pointing outward with double palm-heal strike to back of head, fingers outward. Pull head upward while toes move inward
    5. right-hand scrapes upward followed by sword chop to nose. Right fingers into the eyes, left-hand tracks to back of head/shoulder
    6. 3 actions: Right rips eyes upward as left-hand pancakes head/shoulder and left shin compresses ribs toward far shoulder. Leap past right shoulder, land left, with right roundhouse kick to face
    1. Right checks left jab downward, double factor block on right cross ending in left forward bow
    2. Left 4 finger eye-poke with right kick to groin. Land the right kick with right elbow to any target
    3. Right back fist to jaw or kidney while right cat stance. left-hand hard check to right arm
    4. Right claw to left side of the face, right scoop kick and left-hand throat chop
    1. Right downward block to the ankle as you shuffle back and left parry to the wrist, right ridge strike to nerve bundle on the underside of the striking arm and left rib strike. Left contours upward to block, right strikes kidney. right-hand moves to upper block while left strikes front ribs
    2. left-hand moves to wrist and rotates arm for elbow pointing upward. Right hammer-fist to elbow with right front crossover
    3. Right sidekick to far leg with right back-fist to face. Right cross behind or cross in front while right-hand slides to wrist as left-hand rolls over to W-lock on back of hand. Unwind and pivot dumping attacker to ground. Left roundhouse kick to ribs
    1. When left attacker is right leg forward, do a right deep cross behind step with elbow strike to ribs. Right snakes under the arm of the right attacker, with a right torquing inward block
    2. Right leg slicing kick to near leg of right attacker, then stomp foot of left attacker
    3. Left knee to left attacker's right leg, immediate left sidekick to left leg, immediate left cross behind and right back-fist to face
    4. Left kick to groin and right kick to kidney/ribs, landing with right rising back-fist to left attacker. Shuffle back with right stiff leg rear kick
    1. Right parry, left waiter tray check, right hammer-fist to ribs, left palm-heal strike to jaw, double shoulder strike. Right sidekick to left leg landing right leg forward, shove attacker towards second attacker
    2. Left ball kick to center of mass. Right front cross sweep to attacker's arm if available, and land in right front cross with left back fist to attacker on the left and right back fist to attack run right
    3. Unwind with right rising back face-to-face, and end in left cat. Left rear kick and left front kick. Front cross out to the right
    1. Left steps forward, right driving parry to back of elbow with left check to wrist and drive knife into attacker's leg
    2. Right driving elbow to shoulder with right knee check (shuffle as needed)
    3. Swap hands with left tigers' mouth to throat, pull forward and pivot clockwise with left knee check to the back of the attacker's leg
    4. Swap hands with right tigers' mouth to eyes with left leg off-stepping away from attacker
    5. left-hand strike to throat moving up to the left side of attacker's face, step forward with right leg and pull attacker's head to your left side and arm across right leg, hyper-extending the elbow (keep your elbows tight)
    6. Grab knife from attacker and place on left side of throat. palm-heal strike to jaw causing attacker to slip to the floor and slice their own throat. Variation: Rotate attacker to ground instead of this disarm/throat slice
    1. Fade or slip with right outward block to parry, left palm-heal strike to elbow, then immediate hammer-fist to ribs/heart
    2. Right pectoral muscle pull, left front crossover leg sweep, pivot clockwise and land right back-fist to kidney, right leg sweep planting to left forward bow, right vertical punch to face and right knee to ribs with attacker on ground
    1. Double factor right outward block to wrist, inward block to right wrist. Left waiter's tray check with right hammer-fist to groin
    2. Left palm-heal strike to face. Right uppercut. Right hammer-fist to floating rib
    3. Right ascending elbow to jaw followed by right inverted tigers' mouth in right cat stance
    4. Right scoop kick groin, left chop to throat, right kick to right leg, right strike to shoulder/clavicle
    1. Right downward block with right leg cross behind. Unwind with left parry to attacker's right wrist
    2. Right spear toward eyes with elbow tweak. left-hand check to shoulder while right-hand circles around with goose strike to groin as you settle into a low right forward twist stance, kicking the near or far leg on the way
    3. Move to right cat stance with right elbow check to body. Right leg sweeps attacker's right leg to left forward bow and palm-heal to kidney. Right leg scoop kick, plant forward. Pivot to left cat, left sweep to left leg ending in right forward bow with horizontal elbow
    4. Left rotating twist stance behind attacker with right back-fist to face. Cross out
    1. Three simultaneous actions: left inward forearm block, to rear attacker right elbow to hammer-fist, right ball kick to far leg
    2. Land forward in wide kneel with right palm-heal to jaw, left palm-heal to groin
    3. Left ball kick to ribs, right rear kick, right front crossover/sweep kick to restore posture. Step out left, step back right
    1. Left foot steps to 10:00, left-hand parry, right hammer-fist to bicep. Right back-fist to jaw, grab shoulder. Pull attacker into right knee strike. Right rear kick to rear attacker. Land left neutral bow. Left cross behind with right hooking hammer-fist to jaw/neck
    2. Left kick with left horizontal claw to face. Right kick, right vertical claw to face
    3. Right rear chicken-kick, left rear kick. Left front cross to the front. Cross out backwards
    1. Pivot clockwise with a right downward chopping parry to the back of the attacker's wrist and left palm-heal strike to elbow
    2. Right leg reverse ball kick to shin landing with knee check and right-hand four finger eye spear
    3. right-hand contours behind the arm to the elbow with a left-hand shoulder check, right leg chambers to crane position. Stomp back of attacker's knee with right-hand strike to face and do three axis neck lock
    4. left-hand slips from under right arm as elbow drives downward to shoulder. Left Dragon's first punch to temple. Head sandwich with right elbow. right-hand strike to any target, right knee bump as you cross out

2nd Black

    1. Standard clutching feathers defense, except punch up at elbow nerve bundle instead of armpit
    2. Hammer-fist to groin followed by quick back-fist to face
    3. Left front cross with double check to attacker's left hip/center of mass to square them
    4. Arms move through the chimney to a head-sandwich.
    5. right-hand face scrape from left to right with right knee to center of mass/groin
    6. Right palm-heal strike to face with right leg scrape to attacker's left leg. Right front cross out
    1. Standard Triggered Salute defense, ending with right sword chop to the attacker's left clavicle
    2. Right claw across and down face finishing with raining claw
    3. Right upward flapping elbow under jaw as feet come together
    4. Right leg sweep with right hammer-fist to groin
    5. If attacker grabs the right wrist, break the grab with right over left clear, with two-finger eye-poke and right ball-kick to thigh/groin
    1. Standard Dance of Death defense up to the transition to the ankle lock
    2. Sandwich the attacker's leg in a figure-four ankle lock with right-hand on the heal and left-hand grabbing your own wrist
    3. Left foot steps forward with a clock-wise pivot to dislocate/wrench the knee
    1. Standard Gift of Destruction defense through the elbow sweep to the head
    2. Right elbow to attacker's right shoulder, followed by an immediate right hammer-fist to ribs.
    3. Right reverse hammer-fist to bottom of head with left face scrape going in opposite direction to the top of the head, then reverse directions for second set of strikes
    4. Right elbow to attacker's left shoulder with slight off-step counterclockwise
    5. Right leg sweep with right hammer-fist to groin
    6. If attacker grabs the right wrist, break the grab with right over left clear, with two-finger eye-poke and right ball-kick to thigh/groin
    1. Standard Locking Horns defense
    2. Left front cross and pin the attacker's foot to ground, right stomp above the knee or double hand press on upper thigh to take attacker to the ground
    3. Left cross-behind to pinch thigh/stomp groin, left plant, then right stomp to attacker's ankle on the way out
    1. counterclockwise rotate body (flapping chicken wing) to tweak the arm/grasp
    2. Unwind with left chop to neck as you move your feet together
    3. Left kick far knee, hammer-fist to face (or switch - hammer-fist followed by kick to knee)
    1. Standard glancing salute beginning
    2. Left cross behind with downward driving elbow to center of mass
    3. Right leg sweep with fingers in the eye/break grip, right kick to leg or right back-fist to side of head
    1. Standard five swords start
    2. Left rising palm-heal strike to chin with right-hand moving to left side of body, right chop to throat
    3. Right sidekick to center of mass
    1. Standard scraping hoof (but single side toward 3:00 only)
    2. Sweep attacker's left leg (moving to left forward bow)
    3. Right legs steps forward and hooks behind attacker's right ankle with right hip check (forcing attacker to the ground)
    4. Depending on depth - Left groin stomp/right ankle stomp or left ankle stomp, right ankle stomp
    1. Standard grip of death beginning up to the right heal-palm to jaw
    2. Left pop-n-drop of attacker's right leg, unwind clockwise, left sweep of left leg (gauging step as needed to close distance to target)
    1. Standard crossing talon beginning
    2. Initiate a tight pin of attacker's arm, rotate attacker's arm to get downward facing gooseneck
    3. Left cross-behind, unwind taking attacker to the ground, right spear kick to solar-plexus, landing in right rotating twist with arm break against right knee
    4. Left ball kick to face, sweep arm out of your way as you cross out
    1. Standard shielding hammer beginning ending with driving elbow
    2. Left cross in front with double cross hand check to hips/bladder
    3. Right rising ridge hand to throat, left sword hand to throat, as you pivot to 6:00 with right rear kick (right rising palm-heal check)
    1. Standard striking serpents head start
    2. Move to left cat stance with left palm-heal strike to attacker's right arm
    3. Right step forward with right driving elbow to ribs, grabbing collar from behind, pulling attacker to your knee/ground with simultaneous hammer-fists to leg and face
    4. Pivot counterclockwise with right palm up hammer-fist to face, right ball kick to face, cross out
    1. Step back right with left downward block and right eye-slice, followed by right front kick and left eye slice
    2. Land forward with right palm-heal strike to jaw
    3. Left front cross with right hammer-fist to right ribs, left-hand in chamber
    4. Unwind with left elbow strike to jaw, left elbow to chest, ending with back-fist to face, right downward driving bladder strike
    1. Standard locked wing beginning
    2. Right downward chop to attacker's right arm, while pulling to right cat (so the arm can clear)
    3. Settle forward, keeping right under the attacker's right arm, left reaching around the back of the head grabbing the chin
    4. Pivot counterclockwise toward right neutral bow, dropping attacker on your right knee or the ground
    5. Right hammer-fist to chest on the right side of the body, following by right hammer-fist to the left side of the body (with elbows hitting the head)
    6. Pull right arm out as you pivot clockwise and off-step to left open-kneel with left palm-heal strike to jaw
    7. Right leap forward past head with left foot scraping the face toward you, left sidekick to face, driving it away from you
    1. Standard obscure wing start, drag up with elbow to the face, right leg sweep
    2. Right rising, left falling scissor strike to head/neck - locking head tight to your body
    3. Right knee to chest, left knee to head, planting backward into right reverse bow, throwing attacker to the ground
    4. Left sweeping kick to attacker's right leg as the attacker's knee comes up, landing in left twist stance
    5. Right leg steps over attacker's right leg, with right shin to groin, with right punch to face
    6. Scrape through the groin, ball kick to face, land with stomp to right clavicle, right leap again to 11:00, look over your left shoulder with left clavicle stomp
    1. Standard reversing mace, but the leg kick does not take the attacker to the ground
    2. Gauging step to allow for a left knife edge kick to attacker's right leg
    3. Left cross behind with right hammer-fist to chest (pinning attacker's right ankle, if possible)
    4. Unwind counterclockwise with left elbow to the back of the head, hooking the attacker's left on on the way (if it is present)
    5. Step out right and pivot counterclockwise with left back-fist to attacker's right jaw
    6. Grab/claw the face with a right reverse punch to the base of the skull
    7. Double heal-palm strike to the shoulders, right knee attacker in the spine, while pulling back on the shoulders
    8. Right sidekick to attacker's left leg (if available)
    1. Standard buckling branch steps, but grab near (left) shoulder instead
    2. Sandwiching right knee and right hammer-fist to chest, right forearm through the face, left palm-heal strike to throat with rising front-two knuckle strike to base of skull as you execute a left cross behind step
    3. Unwind with right downward ball kick to center of mass
    1. Standard thrusting prongs start through to the brace point
    2. Right cross behind (dropping height) and unwind while elongating the attacker's arm - creating a bull-whip type of motion
    3. Left hammer strike to the neck, right sandwiching knee/hammer-fist (or elbow) to center of mass, landing forward
    4. Pivot counterclockwise with heal hook to face (if possible), right thrusting heal kick to far leg
    1. Standard twisted twig beginning
    2. Bring feet together with lifting elbow to the jaw
    3. Hammer fist to the groin with right leg sweep
    4. Right rising, left falling scissor strike to head/neck - locking head tight to your body
    5. Right knee to head, planting directly to the ground (feet together)
    6. Left foot plants back, throwing attacker to the ground, holding the back of the head with your left-hand, right hammer-fist to the face on the way down
    7. Clockwise rotate as you leap over the body to a left knee crush to the ribs/shoulder and left punch to face
    8. counterclockwise rotate as you leap over the body with a right spear kick to the center of mass, catching the attacker's face with the knee
    1. Standard obscure sword beginning
    2. Hammer-fist to face, continuing to ribs, rising "windshield wiper" forearm as the left leg crosses behind the attacker's leg
    3. Hammer-fist to the groin, unwind with left elbow to the spine, left leg sweep
    4. Unwind again with right horizontal forearm to shoulders
    5. Double shoulder strike, grab, with right knee to spine, breaking the "C" and then driving the attacker to the ground
    6. Dealers choice on the head/neck, ending with driving the attacker forward with a knee bump (might heal-hook the groin too)
    1. Standard repeating mace start through the downward kick
    2. Rotate foot and drive the leg down again, landing in a right rotating twist stance
    3. Step forward into a left rotating twist stance with a right hammer-fist to chest. Inverted right tiger claw the face, right shoulder/head check
    4. Pivot clockwise with right rear kick
    5. Heal hook kick to the attacker's left leg, ball kick to the attacker's right leg, crush the groin or both ankles as you cross out
    1. Standard raining claw beginning
    2. Left thrust to the eyes, right throat punch
    3. Pivot counterclockwise as you trap the arm straight up
    4. Step forward to jam the left knee into the attacker's left ear as you chicken wing the arm
    5. Pull the right-hand out as you shuffle back, snapping the arm (or driving the attacker to the ground)
    6. Right knee to the head/shoulder, left slicing kick to the head/neck
    1. Standard crashing wings beginning, except the person fights the takedown
    2. Torque the head down and away from you, followed by a right knee to the head as you drop the attacker to the ground
    3. Right stomp the bicep, bring the left leg to the right, sweep the arm away from the body, drawing the head inwards
    4. Right slicing kick to the face, left clavicle stomp

2nd Brown

    1. Right reverse hammer-fist as you plant to 7:00. Unwind through neutral bow, elbow to attacker's arm, to right forward bow with left palm-heal strike to jaw. Left over right cross brace (X grab) across the throat or right-hand body check
    2. Left knee to center of mass or groin. Right knee to far ribs (turning body), plant foot with right scraping hoof
    3. Right downward driving head sandwich
    1. Front roll, emerge left foot forward, facing attacker
    2. Right roundhouse, spinning sidekick
    1. Right upward block with left midline guard (left step between attacker's legs)
    2. Left strike to throat and continue through face scrape then right-hand face scrape
    3. Follow circular path from head to groin. Groin strike with right-hand with shuffle in back fist to face
    4. Cross out with half-switch and descending hammer-fist to face
    1. Right outward parry, finishing in reverse bow. Right leg steps backward into twist stance with right downward block
    2. Left roundhouse to groin, retract leg, pivoting clockwise into twist stance to pre-load for right clockwise hook kick to target (insert body part here)
    1. Pivot to left neutral bow, with left circular wrist lock, elbow acting as a fulcrum, right-hand pushing fingers downwards (get attacker up on toes). Pivot to right neutral bow, with a circular arm pull and elongation
    2. Right strike to bicep and continue through to jaw
    3. Left foot off steps to move up the circle with right elbow strike to chin moving to the left, return right elbow to the chin sweeping to the right, right ascending elbow to chin, right descending elbow to attacker's arm
    1. Pivot counterclockwise toward attacker while turtling and using hands to restore airway
    2. Left elbow to center of mass, hammer-fist to groin
    3. Left press check to attacker's right hip articulation point while catting left leg behind attacker's right leg
    4. Double hammer-fist to kidney and groin. left-hand peals head back with right palm-heal strike to jaw
    5. Right knee to attacker's thigh while maintaining two handed brace on attacker's head
    6. Three staccato twitches to arm while shuffling backwards
    1. Slip to the outside of the attack with X-block
    2. Cup weapon/attacker's hand while guiding stick through attacker's leg (golf club swing). Over-rotate the wrist to hyper-extend or break the wrist
    3. Right step through with counterclockwise pivot under attacker's arm. Left step back to finish in right neutral bow, facing attacker with attacker's arm elongated
    4. Disarm attacker with right (squeeze fat of hand), maintaining control with the left, use club as brace on elbow/back. Finish with strike to the head. Circle around with strike to front of knee, then back of knee
    5. Left front cross over with stomp to attacker's calf with rising club strike to attacker's chin
    6. Step out right, pivot and step back with left while striking to left clavicle of attacker
    1. Left bracing strike to right side of attacker's neck. Right elbow to back leading to hammer-fist to kidney and right knee to ribs
    2. right-hand moves to chamber over attacker's head with left elbow to spine area
    3. Left hook head redirect while left to rear cross behind. Unwind with right downward driving punch to jaw
    4. Right scoop kick to groin
    1. Step left forward (inside attacker's leg) with left-hand outward block, right punch to face
    2. Left arm wrap behind attacker's arm just above elbow with right palm-heal strike to shoulder
    3. Pivot 90° clockwise to horse stance. Left shoulder twitch then palm-heal strike to chin as you move left leg outside of attacker's legs to left forward bow. Right leg cat behind attacker's leg then sweep back to forward bow
    4. Golf club jerk on arm with stomp to ribs, clear arm on exit
    1. Step right to 10:00 with double factor clear. Pivot clockwise with double chop to shoulders
    2. Step back with right leg as you C-compress attacker. Drive right knee into tailbone, as you plant right leg back pull attacker onto left knee
    3. With left-hand compress head forward and downward. Right palm-heal strike toward left, scrape back to right, sword chop to nose
    4. Grab under chin with both hands, pulling attacker upward on left leg
    5. Double back fist to front of shoulder joints, double palm-heal strike to clavicle as you step back with left leg, allowing attacker to slam to the ground
    6. Pivot to reverse bow and compress right clavicle with right heal
    1. Universal block while moving to 4:00. Right side snap kick to attacker's leg at side of the knee
    2. Right back fist to kidney, left punch to kidney. As the attacker goes for the leg, ascending back fist to face
    3. Pivot with right heal kick to ribs/face. Right front cross out
    1. Step right while bending forward to take the strain off the neck
    2. Left leg cat behind attacker's right leg. Double ridge hand strike to pinch both knees together or one knee if both are unavailable. Pull your booty under your head lifting attacker off the ground
    3. Smash attacker's head into nearby object if both knees were captured. Drop on ground or do flying elbow drop
    1. Step forward with right foot, drive double fists to chin
    2. Right elbow collapses into upward strike to jaw and continues toward the left side of the body
    3. Elbow strike to chest with back fist to face
    4. Left palm-heal strike to bridge of nose, face scrape downward with right rising leopards paw to throat
    1. Left crane trap of attacker's hand. Step right past attacker's right leg. Right palm-heal strike to bicep with driving elbow to shoulder articulation point
    2. Pivot counterclockwise driving attacker to ground, landing with right driving knee to ribs and attacker's right arm hyper extended across your left knee
    3. Right inverted hand moves attacker's arm to opposite side of your body culminating in a reverse forward stance with downward palm-heal strike to elbow
    4. Tug upward on arm with left stomp to the head. Land left foot wide of attacker (for room)
    5. Left inverted hand grabs attacker's right wrist and hyper extend right wrist across your left knee
    6. Right shin kick to attacker's arm, heal kick to kidney/ribs. Ball kick to center of mass. Clear arm on cross out
    1. Left step to 10:00 ending with narrow kneeling stance, parry punch with left with right bicep strike
    2. Right back fist to jaw, while controlling attacker's hand with left and right strike to elbow pit (drop the head)
    3. Left cross behind step to twist stance. Unwind with elbow strike to sternum and pin attacker to wall
    4. Right knee to groin, right palm-heal strike to jaw, left palm-heal strike to jaw, left slice kick to far knee
    1. Left scissor block/leg pull while right leg goes to 5:00
    2. Right back fist to jaw, followed by left palm-heal strike. left-hand wraps around neck
    3. Right rear rising kick to groin while left pulls head down and meets rising right back fist to face
    4. Left spear kick to stomach, landing wide to the left. Right inside out crescent kick to face, right round house to available target
    1. left-hand grabs attacker right wrist with thumb protecting airway
    2. Double firearm collapse in attacker's arms with right driving punch to head driving it backwards
    3. Left uppercut to floating rib, right-hand chambers to left shoulder and immediately fires to back of mandible, scraping through the face and hammer-fist to kidney, continuing circle to chamber and back fist to face a second time
    1. Step right to 10:00 with double factor clear. Pivot clockwise with double chop to shoulders
    2. Step back with right leg as you attempt to C-compress attacker
    3. When that fails, right sidekick to back of attacker's left leg, finish with head sandwich
    1. From left kneeling position, universal block which turns into a right elbow strike to upper thigh of attacker turning into right upper cut to chin. left-hand grabs groin with right descending back fist groin smash. Left palm-heal strike to jaw pushing head backwards
    2. Knife hand chop to back off left knee while standing up. Left ridge chop to top of foot as you elongate leg backwards
    3. left-hand pushes toes counterclockwise while using the heal to flip the attacker face down
    4. Right leg steps over attacker's right leg, pivoting away from the attacker, left leg stepping between legs and crushing inner thigh
    5. Right steps back deep under their body. Dislocate knee by wrapping attacker's leg around your body. Knock foot away, crush groin with left foot
    1. 3 movements: Right step forward to outside of attacker's leg, left punch to jaw, right downward palm strike to forearm below elbow. Listen carefully for “Holy Hanna that hurts"
    2. left-hand tracks down back of attacker's left arm which in turn becomes a right over left strike to philtrum and left strike behind elbow. right-hand claws face and heart shape strike to kidney immediately bouncing back to palm-heal strike to jaw
    3. With slight offset with left foot, right-hand tracks down the front of the attacker's left arm (burning through the ribs), with left bracing strike to neck. Fingers wrap around the neck
    4. Pull head down with right descending strike (forearm to elbow)

3rd Black

    1. Standard Twirling Wings beginning, ending with left elbow to rib
    2. Right cross-behind with left elbow to chest and right two-finger eye-poke (you can also add the left flipping hand as a distraction to the eyes)
    3. Left leg sweep of attacker's left leg, followed by an immediate left knee to right leg strike, rotating clockwise and land with left leg perpendicular to attacker
    4. Right stiff leg raise strike to groin, landing in right twist stance
    5. Right back-fist to attacker's head
    1. Standard Snapping Twig beginning, ending with head sandwich
    2. Left foot cross-over step with right hammer-fist to rib
    3. Right rising inverted tiger claw, then unwind in place with left throat strike to left side of attacker
    4. Twist back into left rotating twist stance with right twisting punch to attacker's right rib
    5. Right ball/slicing kick to attacker's right leg, right back-fist or straight punch to attacker (depends on attacker's position)
    1. Leaping crane beginning, focused on rib chip method, up through head-sandwich
    2. right-hand neck wrench (reaching around the left side of attacker's head), with left-hand shoulder check
    3. right-hand neck wrench (reaching around right side of attacker's head) and left-hand shoulder chop, with a scoop kick to groin with right leg, plant backward
    4. Left spear kick to spine, landing next to the attacker's right arm (in post position - might take extra gauging steps)
    5. Sweep posted arm, landing in left twist stand, right roundhouse to the face, -OR- continue with left rear kick to ribs right rear kick to ribs
    1. Standard Swinging Pendulum start - but be more attack'y on the kicking leg
    2. Land in right cat stance with right arm breaking C of attacker, then right sweep attacker's left leg with rising right stiff arm to throat
    3. Right scoop kick and pivot to left cat stance, complete the motion with left sweep of attacker's right leg with left throat strike
    4. Pivot counterclockwise with left chop to center of mass, right palm-heal strike with fingers wrapping around the neck
    5. Pull right-hand toward you with left chop to center of mass and right knee to groin, land right foot near attacker's left leg
    6. Left knee to attacker's left thigh/knee, left rising throat strike, exit with right palm-heal strike to head and either two-finger eye-poke or left hammer fist to head
    1. Standard crushing hammer beginning (ends with left inverted palm-heal strike to the center of mass)
    2. When the users legs come up for a secondary kick (or from the force of hitting the ground), cross the user's legs right over left (since the secondary attack is a right kick, this can be done with just the right leg coming up)
    3. Use the left hand to press the attackers toes away from your body while keeping a tight knee check on the attackers legs
    4. Right hand pulls back on attackers heal, while the left hand continues to push forward, right leg steps back as the attacker flips over to face downward
    5. Right stomp to coccyx, left stomp to spine/left shoulder, right punch (or palm heal strike) to base of skull, with the right knee compressing the spine
    6. Right leg steps across the body, with left knee to spine/head
    7. Right leg leaps further to the 2 o'clock position, left heal kick to the face/head
    1. Standard captured leaves beginning, except add an extra right rising elbow/left hand pull down on wrist. Continue to the left rear elbow to the kidney/spine and right elbow to the ribs
    2. Left leg sweep to the attackers left leg, followed by an immediate left ankle trap of the attackers right leg - add a knee or right hand press to the hip to send attacker to the ground
    3. Left stomp of the attackers right knee, right stomp to the groin, right kick to the face, right foot continues to pin the attackers right bicep and left foot pins attackers hand at the wrist
    4. Right snapping side kick to the head, right stomp any part of the arm available and cross out
    1. Standard evading the storm beginning (parry/right outward block [or more advanced, left side fade -OR- left wrist trap, right elbow break, to right eye spear], right roundhouse to center of mass, left kidney punch, left knee buckle)
    2. Right knee to attackers right hip/thigh to splay them out/rotate them clockwise
    3. Land in left rotating twist with right snapping side kick to attackers left leg -OR- pivot clockwise to do a left ball kick to attackers left leg
    4. Step forward to right neutral bow, grab wrist/weapon and left cross-behind with counter-clockwise throw attacker to ground with right downward driving solar plexus/face kick.
    5. If the attacker is low, get them wrapping in a right chicken-wing lock, then step out right with a left palm heal strike to the elbow to disarm, left stomp to the ribs, cross out -OR- right twist-stance standing arm-bar, followed by a left stomp to the head.
    1. Standard Charging Ram beginning (clear the arm, counter clock-wise off-step, right kick to ribs, left roundhouse to face/ribs)
    2. Allow the right roundhouse kick continue into a left rotating twist stance
    3. Pivot counter-clockwise, right downward driving kick to attackers left leg
    4. Left side kick to attackers right leg, pivoting counter clock-wise to face the attacker directly from behind
    5. Right scoop kick to the groin, settling back
    1. Standard Parting Wings technique through to the downward punch of the diaphragm
    2. Right rising palm heal strike to the attackers left side of the head, followed immediately with a left bracing strike to the throat
    3. Left scoop kick to the groin, right spear kick to the groin/center of mass (to fold the attacker over)
    4. Right hammer fist across jaw/nose, continuing in a bottom to top circle to pick up the attackers arm (if present) and landing as a right back-fist to the face
    5. Pivot counter-clockwise with a left back-fist to the face, right spear kick to the groin, hidden right upper-cut to the jaw.
    1. Standard thundering hammers beginning through the final right hammer to the neck/spine/shoulder
    2. Right back-fist to face (turning head away from you), followed by a left shoulder check
    3. Right hand follows a circular path palm-heal strike to jaw, turning attacker away from you and pull them to your right knee
    4. Simultaneous right hammer-fist to chest and left knee to spine, then drop attacker to the ground
    5. Right leg goes over attackers leg, kicks groin and lands in a deep right closed kneeling stance on the groin and a right punch to the face/throat
    6. Right stomp to the clavicle, right leap to 2 o'clock, left clavicle stomp/rear kick to head/face
    1. Standard squeezing the peach beginning (loosen attacker grip, step out left, sweep left leg/palm heal strike the groin, scoop kick the groin, pivot, sweep right leg/elbow to throat)
    2. Hammer-fist to ribs to get attacker to fold over
    3. Head scissor strike (left hand on top) with right snapping side kick to attackers right leg
    4. Right front cross out with stiff right arm throat/chin strike
    5. Right rear kick to groin to fold attacker over. Left crescent kick to head
    1. Standard circling wings beginning.
    2. Pivot and half-switch into a left arm bar (with hand high, elbow low so the attacker posts) and knee to the face/head, reverse palm-heal strike to the elbow
    3. Resume arm crush. Goose-neck attackers arm with left cross-behind step with back-fist to neck/mandible
    4. Trap attackers arm in a figure-four lock, timed with a right cross-behind forcing user to post, dragging user to the ground as you finish unwinding from the cross behind
    5. Left step over the attacker's arm, while continuing with the clock-wise arm twist. Step over the head/body with the right leg, finishing with a left elbow break strike
    6. Finish with a left downward spear kick to the spine/neck and cross-out
    1. Standard calming the storm beginning (punch to face, right hammer fist to wrist, left punch to ribs, right back-fist to mastoid process)
    2. Backward's 'C' through face and ribs, upward strike to elbow nerve bundle, right hammer-fist to ribs, upward strike to elbow nerve bundle
    3. Step back right, pulling attacker forward, plant with right bracing strike to attacker's right clavicle
    4. Grasp arm while pushing attackers head down and to the left, culminating in knee crush of attackers floating ribs, and arm bar against the left leg
    5. Left cross behind with back-fist to ribs/groin/legs - whatever presents
    6. Step forward with right strike to attacker's elbow
    7. Right stop to attacker's face, drag right heal across attackers face, left stop to attacker's head
    1. Standard darting mace beginning (clockwise pivot, hammer forearm, darting to face, left check down, right center of mass punch, left throat strike, right groin kick)
    2. Left front cross with right hammer-fist to attacker's right ribs (left should be in chamber)
    3. Left palm-heal strike to jaw, turning body to the right, followed by right overhead/downward punch to face, culminating with right elbow to the head as you land in a left twist stance
    4. Right back-fist to ribs, unwind from left twist stance with left palm heal strike to the jaw turning the attacker's body to the right again
    5. Left thrust kick to the groin (causing attacker to fold), right spear kick to the center of mass
    1. Standard hooked wings technique (double palm-heal downward strike or 'goose' frictional pull, right thrust kick, right clavicle strike, elbow strike, left clavicle strike, left throat check, right palm heal strike to the bridge of the nose and face scrape)
    2. Move up the circle counter-clockwise with back to the 3 o'clock position for a right thrust kick to the attackers left leg
    3. Land in a right reverse bow, execute rising heal kick and right rising palm heal strike, and right crescent kick to the head/kidney
    1. Standard shield and sword technique (double-factor clear stepping to 1 o'clock, right hand chops from high position, right hand drags through the head with a left elbow strike, right face scrape, punch/burn through the kidney)
    2. Right downward driving ball kick to the attackers left leg, left cross behind, right rear kick to attackers right leg (so attacker double posts up)
    3. Left hook kick to groin, right kick to kidney, continuing to pivot counter-clockwise until you are facing away from the attacker. Left heal kick to the groin
    1. Standard gift in return technique (check hand downward, thread through the legs, elbow to hips, pull arm taught, right kick to left leg, left side kick to attackers right leg - so attacker posts up)
    2. Pivot clockwise facing away from attacker. Left cross behind with right back-fist to attackers left kidney
    3. Pivot counter-clockwise with left back-fist to attackers right kidney, right dragons-fist rake through attackers right kidney, right side kick to attackers left side
    1. Standard bow of compulsion through the ridge hand groin strike (pop the grabbing hand, slide hand out, left gets head back, right ridge hand to groin)
    2. Right palm forward hammer-fist to the face followed immediately by a left throat bracing strike
    3. Left palm up eye slice from right to left, followed immediately by right palm forward hammer-fist to the face
    4. Left palm down eye slice from left to right combined with right elbow strike through the head right to left, ending with a straight elbow strike to the jaw
    5. Drop weight and continue with right palm-heal strike to head and left throat/mandible strike as you pull to a right cat stance
    6. Right hand overhead/downward claw to the face combined with left hooking kick to groin (hand is counter-clockwise, kick is clockwise). Left is checking the throat
    7. Right palm-heal strike to the center of mass as you shuffle in
    1. Standard obstructing the storm beginning (up through disarm - spear hand redirect club, accelerate to hip, arm bar to 11 o'clock, whip back, knee to head, inverted palm heal strike to elbow, disarm club)
    2. Upward circle club to the face/head, downward circle club on the back of the arm
    3. Downward circular strike to kneecap (hits at a 45° towards the heal) stepping to a right twist stance, backhand strike to the back of the leg, at the crease of the knee
    4. Step out from twist stance with circular upward strike to the groin (landing in a right forward stance), rip club out and do a downward circular strike to the left kidney
    5. Backhand strike to the right kidney
    1. Standard twin kimono (eye slice to ridge hand strike to hand, upward back-knuckle to left arm nerve bundle, hammer-fist to the ribs, lower-casing chop to pull attacker in, throat chop, head sandwich)
    2. Left front cross over with hammer-fist to ribs
    3. Knee to attackers thigh with right ridge arm strike to throat
    4. Right sweep of attackers left leg, left front cross-over attacking the left leg again
    5. Clockwise pivot to face away from attacker with right rising heal kick to groin and right palm heal strike to face (if attacker is still there). Always stomp the groin
    1. Standard sleeper (knife hand strike to carotid artery, carotid compression with hands, compress attacker in, hip check, take to ground, punch to head)
    2. Left knee drop to kidney, right palm heal strike smashing head into the ground, finish with head stomp if needed
    1. Standard spiraling twig (double knuckle tap, isolate and extend arm, pivot with arm lock, break wrist, kick head/face, rising back-knuckle to the face)
    2. Right back-fist to face/mandible, left punch to head/mandible
    3. Right back-fist to face/mandible again, right back-fist to head/neck/mandible as you settle in a left cross behind stance
    4. Unwind from the twist stance with a right elbow to the jaw/head, right scoop kick to the groin, left back kick to the center of mass/groin to fold the attacker
    5. Right outside/in crescent kick to the head
    1. Standard cross of destruction through arm break (pin thumbs, slide out clockwise with flapping elbow/leg sweep, pull arms and lock, kick right leg of attacker, snap elbow as you settle forward)
    2. Switch grab to single hand, followed immediately by re-grab of the attackers right arm, let go with right hand and elbow to the ribs with a left cross behind ending in a right twist stance
    3. Hammer-fist to groin, right leg sweep of attackers left leg, right forearm strike through head
    4. Move forward to left twist stance with punch to the bridge of the nose
    5. Right heal kick to three leg/groin points, right back-fist to mandible
    1. Standard Flight to Freedom beginning (very small step to 1, rear thrust kick to hip to drive opponent backwards, left ball/slicing kick and land in twist stance)
    2. Clockwise unwind to universal block on right side of body
    3. Left knee to ribs with sandwiching left hammer-fist
    4. Right knee to ribs with sandwiching right hammer-fist that transitions to a right handed head check and right snapping sidekick to supporting arm

3rd Brown

    1. Small gauging left foot step to 11:00 with left push to attacker's wrist
    2. Right leg cats behind attacker's right leg while right arm contours up and down trapping attacker's arm in armpit
    3. Right sweeps back with right palm-heal strike to jaw
    4. right-hand tracks to wrist, left-hand chops to neck with right leg stepping forward
    5. Left legs steps forward while head and wrist are pulled toward each other
    6. Pivot clockwise and step backwards with right foot toward 10:00
    7. Right leg comes forward and pins head and center of shoulders in left closed kneel and pivot to left knee to pin the shoulders in right wide kneel
    1. Hands flash face then track down arms to wrist and pull downward. Right leg back
    2. Right reverse kick to right hip of attacker to turn the body
    3. Cross arms and push left arm forward making attacker pirouette clockwise
    4. Pull arms backwards over head of attacker and allow attacker to land with knee to head/spine
    1. Left inward hammer strike toward face with right arm break (slight delay)
    2. Right temple nerve strike while planting forward to 10:00 with right leg
    3. Pivot to left cat stance with left hammer-fist to kidney
    4. Right downward strike followed quickly with left downward grab/strike, ending with rising right backlist to far jaw
    1. Left foot off step to 4:30 to right cat stance and right punch to face
    2. Right kick to groin
    3. Left bladder punch while right goes to high chamber
    4. Right hammer to right side neck of attacker with left moving to high guard
    5. Left foot moves counterclockwise up the circle with left hammer-fist to left side of attacker's neck while right fist burns through the ribs to low inverted block
    6. Pivot with right hammer-fist to attacker's neck
    1. Hammer-fist to forearm and then track to wrist
    2. Right downward driving elbow to solar plexus, right ascending elbow to chin
    3. Rotate attacker's hand clockwise while left-hand rotates counterclockwise (maintain control)
    4. right-hand transitions to wrist lock, while stepping up the circle with right leg so the arm is at a 45° angle from the head, elongate and snap the arm. Right ball kick to face/ribs
    1. Step in with right foot and double eye gouge
    2. Clear arms downward and grab groin with both hands pulling upward moving to right cat
    3. Contour around body with double back fist to kidneys and pull body toward you as you move back into right cat
    4. Hands travel back up your centerline and gouge the eyes while driving forward
    5. Downward chop to arms, double back fist to temples, double chop to neck
    6. Hands cup together around base of head, pulling downward with right knee to face
    7. Right scraping hoof down attacker's left leg
    8. Tweak neck as you cross out
    1. Fade in reverse forward to 7:30
    2. Unwind and step in with left foot behind attacker's right foot with double forearm block to attacker's arm
    3. Drop down on attacker's ankle while left arm pushes up and right-hand pulls down and pivot clockwise to 10:30
    4. palm-heal strike to elbow, right kick to face while moving grip to the weapon
    5. Roll weapon against attacker's thumb while driving weapon into attacker
    1. left-hand moves to palm up while right forearm traps attacker's wrist
    2. Pivot to reverse forward, wrap fingers around forearm, lift attacker at elbow
    3. Left downward driving elbow to ribs with palm-heal glancing strike to base of bicep then finger poke to eye
    4. Left leg pop-n-drop to twist stance
    5. Unwind with right hammer-fist to kidney ending in right cat stance
    6. Right leg hook sweep of their right leg (straight back), left foot rotates counterclockwise landing in twist stance. Use the attacker's collar to pull off balance and drop attacker to ground
    7. Right roundhouse ball kick to groin/center of mass and then kick to face when they respond to groin kick
    1. Slap out with chin tucked to chest landing with left thrust kick to groin/body with right foot in groin guard position
    2. Roll to left with right slice kick to ribs/face. Use kick momentum to roll to knees
    3. Left rear kick to center of mass. Use retraction momentum to plant left foot on ground in kneeling position
    4. Use momentum to stand up with hands in guard toward left side. Complete rotation to face attacker
    1. Left inward parry, right dragons-fist to ribs (left neutral bow) followed by right sword chop to kidney (left forward bow)
    2. Half-switch to right (right neutral bow) with right elbow to ribs
    3. Pull to right cat stance with right hammer-fist to kidney
    4. Left downward block to attacker's arm
    5. Right palm-heal strike to jaw/face
    6. Right face claw with right scoop kick to groin while left-hand travels along arm to throat (land in left neutral bow)
    1. Upward forearm block while fading to reverse forward
    2. Right heal kick to groin land with feet together and pivot counterclockwise
    3. Left hook kick to groin/solar plexus/ribs/face and cross out via twist stance
    1. Step out with right leg (attacker's leg between yours) and bend forward to break the lock
    2. Grab attacker's leg and lift upward with right knee against attacker's knee
    3. Right rear kick to face, landing on left side of attacker, with deep kneel into groin
    4. Fuse foot to body and pivot clockwise to right forward bow (foot deep into groin/coccyx)
    5. Grab left arm when attacker reaches back
    6. Left kick to nerve bundle just short of the armpit and land near armpit
    7. Right stomp spine and then immediate left arm strike as the foot moves to front crossover
    1. Grab attacker's wrists while turtling neck
    2. Pivot clockwise, popping head out and crossing arms so palms face up
    3. Break elbows against raised knee, then extend foot into groin kick, land forward in right neutral bow
    4. Right elbow head sandwich
    1. Left parry, right driving palm-heal strike to jaw with right foot parallel and 6" away from attacker's foot
    2. Right elbow to ribs with both open hands on arm with, step through with left into closed kneel stance
    3. Hands move downward to ankle and hip. Push hip while lifting ankle and pull backward
    4. Burn calf as you move to left cat
    5. Left kick to groin, right sidekick to left knee
    1. Left over right thumb to back of hand strike
    2. Step to left neutral bow while pulling tight fists to chest. Pivot clockwise to horse stance
    3. Snap back to left neutral bow with right punch to ribs and left back fist to face
    4. left-hand to behind shoulder check and right to chamber
    5. Right knee to right thigh and right hook punch and elbow to face ending with elbow check to shoulder
    6. Pivot to reverse bow and palm-heal strike to kidney
    7. Pivot with driving check to attacker with right reverse bow sweep of attacker's left leg landing hammer-fist to groin and left palm-heal strike to face
    8. Drive right knee into attacker's right leg landing in twist stance. Double factor clear, with right two finger eye-poke
    1. Left leg step to 9:00 with left-hand parry to shoulder and right step to neutral bow behind attacker's leg
    2. Right straight face punch, return fist to chest followed by right driving elbow to ribs (3 distinct pieces, done fluidly)
    3. Right knife hand strike to calf nerve bundle
    4. Right ridge hand strike to groin
    1. Step forward (right neutral bow), draw elbow to ribs with palm up at a 45˚ angle. left-hand tracks under right arm, clearing wrist grab - left-hand grabs attacker's wrist and pulls toward body, with right-hand hammer-fist to groin
    2. Right elbow drives forward through ribs, followed by driving back through the ribs, finishing in a twist stance
    3. Hammer-fist to groin with right leg sweep into left forward stance
    4. Right scraping punch alongside the temple (back straight, attacker's left arm tight to body)
    5. Right crescent knee to ribs/face of attacker (depends on body position), crossing out to a twist stance and landing in an arm-bar - take attacker to ground
    1. Left chop to neck, with low outward block stepping off the line toward 5:00
    2. Right hammer-fist to neck stepping off the line toward 4:00
    3. Right downward punch behind arm of attacker pivoting intent toward 6:00
    4. If necessary as a gauging step: Left leg moves through cat-stance and plant left heal
    5. Right heal scoops kick groin (and knee to face if available) and sweeps attacker's leg planting to left forward bow with two knuckle punch behind mandible at a 45˚ angle away from your body
    1. Right double factor parry ending in left waiter's check
    2. Right hammer-fist to ribs with left-hand checking attacker's arm downward
    3. Left palm-heal strike to jaw while pivoting to 7:00 into a right forward bow. right-hand moves to high chamber
    4. right-hand knife edge chop to right side of attacker's neck moving to a right neutral bow
    5. right-hand two finger eye gouge, peal head back and right scoop kick to groin, left-hand tracking down arm ending in knife edge strike to neck
    1. Right upward elbow to throat/face and claw with fingers, punch forward while moving to left forward stance
    2. Step to right twist stance with left-hand check to body
    3. Unwind from twist stance. Rib strike to near rib
    4. Inverted whipping back fist to right mandible with inverted palm-heal to solar plexus
    5. Monkey knuckle strike to temple/eye socket


    1. Plant in right neutral bow with left-hand praying mantis trap over both of attacker's hands. Anchor left elbow firmly against body
    2. Right upward punch under attacker's arms hitting just behind the attacker's right elbow (nerve bundle) and immediately right hammer-fist to the right ribs of the attacker while making a slight step off the line of attack
    3. Right inward and horizontal (toward shoulder) strike to attacker's arms to pull attacker in
    4. Right knife hand chop to throat
    5. Right elbow head sandwich (with a shuffle in if needed)
    1. Plant in left forward bow. Arms move upward through attacker's arms and flash the eyes/face
    2. Downward dual knife hand strike to right bicep and left wrist
    3. left-hand heal palm to jaw with face scrape and right palm-heal strike to ribs
    4. left-hand moves to palm up chamber at shoulder
    5. left-hand palm down knife edge strike to neck while right-hand goes to chamber
    6. left-hand slides down body to stomach check/solar plexus stretch
    7. right-hand vertical punch to diaphragm (and snaps back quickly)
    1. Plant forward to left neutral bow. Left inward block with continued momentum toward the face
    2. Right hammer-fist to the left ribs of the attacker while left-hand transitions to left upward block (to nothing in the air), while you check their right calf with the right knee in wide kneeling stance
    3. right-hand moves to shoulder check with left hammer-fist to the kidney as you crush the right calf with a left leg in kneeling stance
    4. left-hand moves to right shoulder check with right-hand traveling down arm, then around in circular motion to a hammer-fist to the C7 vertebrae with a right knee check in a wide kneeling stance
    5. Sweep right leg as you cross out right
    1. Left universal block as you pivot 90° (back to 3:00 and goal is to not actually block anything because you pivoted, and the attacker missed)
    2. Right reverse hammer-fist to groin before the attacker lands the kick
    3. Step further off the line with a right elbow to chin
    1. Left leg plant backward as you left hammer-fist to groin
    2. Crush groin with left-hand as your left leg steps forward
    3. Right scoop kick to groin, then plant heal in left forward stance to hyper extend the attacker's left leg
    4. Right elbow strike to throat (back straight, arm horizontal)
    1. left-hand wrist trap while planting to 1:00 in left forward stance
    2. Right arm circles up and over attacker's arm, trapping in armpit, pivot to right forward stance
    3. Left finger poke to eyes/palm-heal strike to jaw
    4. Left downward and inward arm check (arm should be across attacker's body)
    5. Right upward elbow strike to chin
    6. Right hammer-fist to groin while pivoting to reverse forward (or kidney depending on presentation)
    1. Proactive double overhead crossed arm block while planting to 10:30
    2. Bend attacker over by creating an arm bar with your left-hand being the fulcrum and right-hand pulls the attacker's arm to your hip
    3. Right knee to ribs
    4. Disarm attacker with palm-heal strike moving toward elbow. Can be followed with a punyo strike to jaw followed by a flick to the face with the bottom of the weapon
    1. Plant forward to left neutral bow, turn right arm clockwise and pull back to chamber to rotate attacker's arms over
    2. Left fist bounce off of attacker's arms and then to face
    3. Left hook clears attacker's arm with right punch to stomach (same time)
    4. Left chop to throat with right knee to groin (same time)
    5. Right leg plants forward with right heal palm to chin
    1. Proactive left leg moves backward into right-cat with right ball kick to stomach to stop forward advancement and clear arms with downward praying mantis hook
    2. Right downward strike to jaw/clavicle following through in a figure eight to left jaw/clavicle strike
    3. Upward elbow to chin
    4. left-hand check to solar plexus with right palm-heal strike to bridge of nose
    1. Right parry followed by left outward block to attacker's left arm (turns their body) as you plant to 1:00. The block should be deep - in armpit/side of body area. right-hand should end up in an upward block position
    2. Right downward strike to C7 vertebrae, left downward elbow strike to ribs (stance is right forward) while right-hand contours to left shoulder check
    3. Left leg pivots to 4:30, while right dragons-fist contours in a downward C shape strike to attacker's left kidney
    4. Right roundhouse kick to right kidney/leg of attacker
    1. Hammer-fist to attacker's right wrist while you step slightly past the attacker
    2. Pull attacker toward you, and then pass attacker's hand between their legs. Straighten them by pulling taught
    3. Right kick to back of left knee
    4. Left knee to coccyx, scrapes down/crush on right leg of attacker
    1. palm-heal strike to attacker's hands with left while dropping to wide kneeling stance and right elbow to center of mass as you pull hand downward to free it
    2. Right knife edge chop to groin
    3. Right back knuckle strike to left knee of attacker
    4. Right downward hooking punch to right knee of attacker
    1. Left downward strike to back of the right bicep of attacker while pivoting to 4:30
    2. Right downward strike to vertebrae
    3. Right kick to ribs
    4. Left roundhouse kick to face, groin, knee - whatever is available
    1. Left inward block as you plant forward to 10:30. Right leg should be in knee check position
    2. Right knife edge strike to the left side of attacker's neck
    3. left-hand locks onto right-hand as you pull attacker tight to body and right leg comes up and then is replanted between attacker's legs to clear the leg of attacker
    4. Left leg moves back toward 6:00 - moving to right neutral bow
    5. Left knee pins attacker's ribs to ground. Punch to face
    1. Step left to 9:00 with reach back to finger strike attacker's face. Grab attacker's wrists and pin your elbows to your chest while turtling your head
    2. Right leg steps through cat to 4:00 as you slip your head under attacker's arms and elongate attacker's arms. End up such that you are in left neutral bow with their arms crossed at the elbows
    3. Right front snap kick to their right leg. Land and rotate to right neutral bow with arm break
    1. Stepping back with left leg and elbow to face is blocked
    2. ½ step with left foot barely in front of right foot. Right arm is brought alongside the body and attacker's wrist is grabbed
    3. Right rear kick to attacker's right knee. Right foot lands between you and the attacker
    4. Pivot to right forward, bringing attacker's hand to right hip with left-hand check above elbow
    5. Left kick slices through far knee. The slice kick plants into a twist stance while you push the attacker's elbow down, driving them to the ground


    1. Snap hands to hips (palms up) as you move to left cat stance
    2. Left kick to groin (to bend over)
    3. Right kick to center of mass (to lift up)
    4. Plant kick into right neutral bow with double palm-heal strike to ribcage
    1. Form a wedge with left and right-hand and strike the eyes/face of the attacker
    2. Left arm tracks down right arm of the attacker while right elbow drives into chest
    3. Right elbow up to chin, right elbow poke to chin, palm-heal strike to nose
    4. Right inward strike to right arm of attacker to clear
    1. Left inward block
    2. Right elbow driving down and to the left through the ribs, elbow strike to back
    3. Right chop to left side of attacker's neck, followed by left chop to attacker's neck
    4. Right tracks down attacker's arm, left moves to shoulder check
    5. Right palm-heal strike to chin
    1. Rear shuffle with right downward block
    2. Forward shuffle as needed with right sidekick to attacker's left leg
    3. Right chop to neck and track down attacker's right arm. left-hand shoulder check
    4. Right palm-heal strike to face, scrape face up and over head (causing them to fall backwards)
    1. Both hands poke to eyes
    2. Arms move up to a 45° and crash down that line to break the attacker's grip
    3. Punch down to ground with head-butt
    4. Keeping arms tight to body, left-hand grabs right-hand of attacker, step to 1:30 and elongate attacker's right arm
    5. Right elbow to head. Return to starting position (e.g. 12:00)
    6. right-hand grabs attacker's left-hand, step to 10:30 and elongate attacker's left arm
    7. Left elbow to head. Clear arm as you cross out with left inward strike
    1. Left overhead punch to face with right lower punch to center of mass
    2. Left arm clear down, right foot steps off line to right with a right inward double factor clear of the attacker's left arm
    3. Eye-poke/palm-heal strike with left-hand and right horizontal punch to ribs
    1. Dual knife edge strike to wrist and elbow joint
    2. Hyper extend elbow with right-hand followed by elbow strike to jaw
    3. Grab shoulder with right-hand and pull attacker backward as the left-hand rotates the attacker's arm behind their back until it points straight up in the air
    4. Right knee to ribs and plant forward
    1. Step forward with left foot to 1 o'clock, pivot toward 3:00 while grabbing the attacker's wrists with left-hand
    2. Right elbow strike to face as you sweep arm down in a big circle pulling the attacker to your right
    3. Right elbow strike to spine
    4. double palm-heal strike to kidneys with a sandwiching knee to ribs/groin
    1. Right downward block and left parry to cross the attacker's arms. right-hand should land between attacker's arms
    2. Right bracelet, left strike to elbow, right kick to groin all at the same time
    3. While landing kick in a twist stance, right bracelet a second time
    4. Right rear kick to ribs (left leg can take a gauging step backwards as needed to close distance)
    1. Left parry the punch as you step to left neutral bow at 10:30 and right-hand moves to head shell. Left to chamber
    2. Left punch to kidney, followed by right hammer-fist to same kidney
    3. Left knife edge strike to right bicep to check arm down (press check to keep it down)
    4. Right face scrape backwards (pulling head backwards)
    5. Right knife edge strike to nerve bundle just below knee pit
    6. Right sidekick to back of attacker's left knee (right knee if you can't reach)
    1. Right leg step back into left twist stance with right arm deflecting the attacker's kick to the right
    2. Right front kick to attacker's left leg
    3. Right hammer-fist to attacker's right shoulder/spine
    4. Feet together step with press down on right shoulder
    5. Right heel scoop kick to groin and plan right leg into reverse forward to sweep the attacker's leg
    1. As you plant to left neutral bow, arm brace to chest with hand on face (pushing head over feet)
    2. left-hand check arm down, while right leg picks up and plants right behind attacker's leg. Attacker should go down
    3. Golf club pull on attacker's arm while right heal stomp on ribs
    1. Feint right, stomp left foot with left with palm-heal strike to hip
    2. Pull arm straight up with right elbow strike to face/chin
    3. Pivot 360° to left of attacker, keeping their left arm trapped
    4. Short right hook punch to break the attacker's elbow
    1. Left ridge hand strike, right inward block to arm while moving to right cat stance
    2. Right kick to far knee with right punch to face
    3. Right elbow strike to trapped forearm, extending toward face/nose
    4. Head sandwich
    1. Make fist and grab own hand - step forward with right as your elbow drives into attacker
    2. Right elbow up with strike to chin while punch into a reverse bow (this clears arm lock)
    3. Left elbow strike to ribs followed by right elbow strike to ribs (keep elbows tight to body)
    1. Left face claw and push head to attacker's left while right-hand punches attacker's right ribs
    2. Right inward hammer-fist to face (will also disrupt attacker's left arm)
    3. Right elbow crash down on attacker's left arm to suck head inward/downward
    4. Right head sandwich


    1. Trap grasping hand with left-hand (keep elbow tucked in to protect the face). Sink back into a right neutral bow, with your butt directly underneath your head. Punch the attacker to armpit
    2. Right extended outward block block with left-hand left shoulder check in right forward bow
    3. Left neck chop ending in right neutral bow
    1. L hand Trap and step forward into right neutral bow, pin the knee and extend head backward
    2. Pop bicep, pull elbow inward (toward hip)
    3. Elbow strike to ribs, elbow poke to the ribs
    4. Whipping back fist to kidney, uppercut to jaw. Right inward strike to clear the arm
    1. Left Inward Block stepping into left neutral bow
    2. Right sword hand chop to groin
    3. Right elbow to ribs as you transition into right cat stance and left chop to back of knee
    4. Lift right leg by thigh as you move into right neutral bow and then pivot to 9:00 (throwing opponent to ground)
    5. Left ankle trap pulling upward and moving to horse stance
    6. Right back fist to left knee (if opponent tries to kick)
    7. Fingertip chop to groin (or stomp groin if too far away)
    8. Pivot to reverse forward while doing a heal palm strike to right leg above kneecap
    9. Stomp knee and/or ankle as you cross out
    1. Left downward block to left neutral bow
    2. Right step through kick to groin
    3. On kick plant, palm heel thrust to the jaw
    1. Pull opponent arm to hip while simultaneous pop to elbow
    2. Knee to hip/upper thigh to drive leg back
    3. Head sandwich
    1. Anchor wrist, turn head toward elbow, step in with right foot
    2. Knife hand chop to groin
    3. Invert arm and elbow upward strike to jaw
    4. Over the top clavicle strike, drive elbow diagonally across the body
    1. Parry/left inward block, followed by right outward block and grab wrist/arm
    2. Right roundhouse kick to center of mass, landing with right knee check
    3. Left punch to kidney
    4. Left knee buckles leg/right knee crushes ankle
    1. Wrist trap and roll over
    2. Upward block to elbow
    3. Inward block/Forearm scrape with hip rotation
    4. Back fist to jaw or sword hand chop to neck
    1. Right wrist trap
    2. Step in left neutral bow with a left arm bar
    3. Left downward strike
    4. Pivot into left forward bow while doing a palm-heal to jaw
    5. Wrap right fingers around back of head
    6. Drive right leg into opponent right leg to drive back
    7. Wrap forearm around the head until the elbow can dig behind the mandible
    1. Step in with right foot to right neutral bow (ensure right leg has a good knee check). Double sword hand chop to wrist and bicep
    2. Right sword hand chop to neck
    3. Thrusting palm-heal to jaw with right forward bow
    4. left-hand claws the face pulling to chamber with a right upper cut to the right ribs (or solar plexus - depending on attacker position)
    1. Bring feet together, getting tall, while punching toward the ground
    2. Grab your own wrist to pin arms and do a head butt
    3. Pivot to 3:00 right cat stance
    4. Right leg hook, kick above the right knee and scrape down
    5. Pivot to 9:00 left cat stance
    6. Left leg hook, kick above the left knee and scrape down
    1. Grab wrist/turn head to get air
    2. Step forward with right with tight knee-to-knee position
    3. Move butt under your head
    4. Double inward fist strike to groin and kidney
    5. Wrap left-hand around opponent head to eye socket/philtrum
    6. Pivot to left forward bow with palm-heal to the jaw
    1. Left Tray hand redirection and pivot to right neutral bow
    2. Middle knuckle rib scrape from back to front followed by a back fist to solar plexus
    3. Forward inward block to triceps/Articulation point check
    4. Right roundhouse kick to back of left knee driving downward
    1. Right extended outward block to wrist
    2. Raking back fist to jaw and extend to protect against a right punch
    3. Shuffle forward and downward driving elbow to center of mass
    1. Right leg back to left forward bow, insert right inverted check to center of mass
    2. Left arm wraps around the head and strikes the C3 vertebra and left knuckles hit behind ear
    3. Grab the hair/brow ridge and pull the head backwards, and punch the throat with a right serpent strike
    1. Elbows crash down on attacker's arms while step to right
    2. Left leg to cat stance and then behind attacker's right leg in reverse forward
    3. Left rising elbow strike to face
    4. Pivot to neutral bow while pressing down with left elbow
    5. Hammer-fist to solar plexus while pivoting to left forward


    1. right-hand traps left-hand of opponent. Left leg steps back to 4:30. Left arm comes up to guard head
    2. Pivot to left neutral bow to break the grasp of the attacker
    3. left-hand guards with right downward driving elbow to kidney
    4. right-hand guards with left downward driving elbow to front ribs
    5. Left back fist to kidney (if available) as you left over right cross out
    1. Left ridge hand strike to back of hand with right-hand palm heel strike above the elbow (with the intent to hyper-extend the elbow)
    2. Right hooking hammer-fist downward strike to forearm
    3. Left knife hand depth check/strike to the base of the neck in right forward bow
    4. Right hammer-fist/raking back fist to head
    5. Left palm-heal to jaw combined with a head sandwich
    1. left-hand parry the punch toward your shoulder. Left foot steps forward to left neutral bow. Twist body to get narrow
    2. Right dragons-fist across ribs or reverse punch to attacker's right ribs
    3. Right leg chambers to crane, downward driving kick to back of right knee (leg lands inside of right leg)
    4. Right back fist to kidney. Hand rebounds toward chest ending with a head sandwich
    1. Right palm up/left downward strike to attacker's kicking leg (this redirects the attacker's leg your left)
    2. Right straight leg kick to groin while right-hand checks left shoulder of attacker. Plant in a right rotating twist stance.
    3. Left downward sidekick to back of attacker's right leg while left-hand checks right shoulder of attacker
    1. Step to 9:00
    2. Hammer-fist to groin
    3. Right leg cat behind and initiate a knee pin
    4. Hammer-fist to groin
    5. Elbow strike to chin, rolling over to a elbow press down on sternum
    6. Left inverted palm-heal to strike to solar plexus
    1. Step in front of opponent with right leg
    2. left-hand slips between arms and clears lock
    3. Left elbow strike to kidney as you pivot to 4:30
    4. Unwind to right neutral bow with right elbow vertical strike to ribs and left high check
    1. Punch to face, pushing head backward. left-hand outward block to pick up the weapon
    2. Right hammer-fist to wrist of weapon arm, then left punch to ribs with right high check
    3. Right back fist to mastoid process or hammer-fist to ribs
    1. Pin the attacker's four fingers, clockwise rotate the wrist until it is palm up, left step forward toward attacker.
    2. Grab the attacker's wrist with your right-hand and create an arm bar just above the left elbow. Keep right arm tight to body
    3. Left elbow to face, left-hand twists head to attacker's right
    4. Left elbow strike to the spine, back fist to kidney, elbow strike to back/spine, palm-heal strike to back of the head
    5. Right knee to face
    1. Right inward block and left tray hand parry with pivot to 4:30
    2. Right hammer-fist to ribs
    3. Right shoulder check/grab
    4. Right downward driving roundhouse kick to left knee
    1. Thumb strike to bladder (or palm-heal strike to hips) while stepping into left forward stance
    2. Left arm wraps arm of attacker
    3. Right palm-heal strike to ribs
    4. Right knee to groin and scrape down leg while right arm goes to chamber
    5. Elbow strike to chin, elbow poke to chin, end in a solid brace position
    1. Left arm elbow strike to jaw while stepping to 4:30
    2. left-hand claw to face and left arm wraps attacker right arm, but close to body
    3. Punch with left arm while moving to right forward bow. As attacker shifts weight, quickly move right leg back to left neutral bow
    4. Right knee to face/upper body using hands to control attacker's head (if hands are free)
    1. Trap hand
    2. Palm up elbow to center of mass
    3. Hammer-fist to groin
    4. Rising elbow to chin
    1. Right low inward block
    2. Left palm-heal strike to nose/claw down face. left-hand switches to an arm check
    3. Right uppercut to chin (with arm coming from your center of mass)
    1. dragons-fist strike to the back of hand
    2. Quickly return both arms to high/tight chamber, breaking the attacker's grip
    3. Grasp right-hand and pull it forward
    4. Left step to 1:30 while tightly pinning arm, followed by a clockwise twitch to hyper-extend the elbow
    5. Rotate hand into wrist lock
    6. Pivot to left neutral bow
    7. Right leg kick to face or ribs (or right hip if attacker attempts to step forward)
    1. Monkey-grip the attacker's right wrist/thumb and pull to body
    2. Drop to wide kneeling stance
    3. Elbow strike to center of mass, rising elbow to chin strike
    4. Pivot to reverse forward. Elbow to solar plexus (if available), hammer-fist to groin
    1. Step to 1:30 and bring arm horizontal with body
    2. Outward elbow strike to attacker's inner elbow, knife-hand chop to attacker's neck
    3. Left thrust/ball kick to groin


    1. Pivot counterclockwise with a right inward block
    2. Right kick to the groin
    3. Right sword-hand chop to the neck
    1. Pivot counterclockwise with a right downward block
    2. Left punch to center of mass
    3. Right back-fist to back of the jaw/mastoid process
    1. Right extended outward block
    2. Right ball kick to groin
    3. Right knife-hand chop to neck
    1. Right downward block - with a slight shuffle to 7:00
    2. Shuffle forward to a right elbow head sandwich
    1. Pin attacker's arms while planting left to horse stance
    2. Hammer-fist to groin while right leg moves backward to a positional check
    3. Plant right heal with an upward elbow to chin strike
    1. Grab attacker's arm, and turn head to attacker (to regain your airway)
    2. Pinch attacker's inner thigh/back of thigh/groin area
    3. Slip head out of headlock
    4. Create left arm bar (arm tight to body), plant to 11:00
    5. Left arm press check, with right punch to the mastoid process
    1. Right parry with left upward block - deep fade to 3:00. Control weapon/arm if possible
    2. Left kick to center of mass
    3. Right kick to attacker's right knee/hip (to turn them)
    4. Back fist to mastoid process as right leg is planting (after kick in step c)
    5. Right sword-hand chop to bicep
    6. Scrape down arm and disarm attacker
    1. left-hand trap over left-hand of attacker. Keep left elbow tight to ribs as you drop your weight
    2. Right push to chin to force head backward
    3. Right elbow crash down on elbow of attacker
    4. Right elbow jaw strike, right elbow jaw poke
    1. Pivot clockwise into left neutral bow with Left inward block
    2. Right vertical punch to ribs/armpit as you go to left forward stance
    3. right-hand tracks down the arm and bracelets attacker's right wrist
    4. Right roundhouse kick to center of mass/groin. Land in tight knee check
    5. "Throw" the right wrist to 4:00, followed by a left uppercut punch to the kidney
    1. left-hand trap attacker's hand on shoulder
    2. Right hammer-fist to solar plexus
    3. Right hammer-fist to groin